Welcome to the world of Myo-Energetics! Do you suffer from headaches, back pain or insomnia? Well, we are listening and we can help you.


Skeletal distortions are the root cause of much body pain, numerous anatomical complains and other related illnesses. Employing a variety of techniques, including shiatsu, micropuncture, moxa and sôtaï, Myo-Energetics relaxes the muscular tensions that cause skeletal distortions and gently corrects them, allowing related pain to fade and disorders of the internal organs to subside. Myo-Energetics is a unique methode of restoring and maintaining bodily balance for a healthy life.



In Greek, 'Myo'means muscle. 'Energy' refers to the vital strength of any organism. 'Myo-Energetics' is the relaxing of muscular tensions that cause skeletal distortions. Correcting such distortions through Myo-Energetics helps to restore and maintain the vital strengh of the organism (your body). When you feel unwell, your body may experience skeletal distortions caused by contraction of the muscles that are attached to the skeleton. The nerves and the blood and lymphatic vessels close to the distortions become compressed and consequently, the nervous system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system do not operate normally; this dysfunction can cause pain or illness. It is therefore natural that if the underlying skeletal distortions are corrected, the symptoms of 'unwellness' disappear.
'MYO-ENERGETIQUE' is published by Guy Trédaniel Publisher, Paris in July 2007.


The Myo-Energetics course is bassed around the practical application of Myo-Energetics theory and includes analysis of skeletal distortions, dorsal and abdominal palpation and the use of Myo-Energetics techniques (shiatsu, oil shiatsu, sôtaï , micropuncture, direct moxa). All teaching of anatomy, physiology and pathology on the course is based on Myo-Energetics theory.


If you would like a session of Myo-Energetic treatment, please call +33(0)1 42 94 97 43 for an appointment at 13 rue Boursault 75017 Paris with Hiroshi Iwaoka, the creator of Myo-Energetics, is certified in acupuncture and moxa by the State of Japan and is a teacher of shiatsu, as certified by the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu.


Next module 1 Myo-Energetic Shiatsu will be 29,30 September, 1 October 2017.