Module 1. Myo-Energetic Shiatsu

Myo-Energetic Shiatsu relaxes the tension of dorsal muscular lines and corrects any deviation of the spine and/or pelvis; this facilitates harmonious function of the nervous and hormonal systems and improves the blood and lymphatic circulation. In this way, most corporal complaints can be cured. What's more, the vital strength of the organism is reinforced, thereby preventong the onset of illnesses. The theory is simple to apply in practical treatment where we analyse postural distortions and palpate the back for a diagnosis. Application of Myo-Energetic techniques is a skilled and precise process and can be energetic - the result though are immediately apparent.

Module 2. Advanced Shiatsu

This module is characterised by the treatment of muscle and joint complaints, such as shoulder pain, back pain, tennis elbow, lumbago, sciatica, knee pain, ankle tendinitis... In order to treat these problems, we must improve our dorsal palpation and pressure technique (simple or rotary thumb pressure, elbow pressure...). Thus, we practise these techniques extensively.

Module 3. Thai Stretches

Although Myo-Energetic Shiatsu does not ordinarly utilise Thai stretches, using Thai massage stretches on the legs can help to correct skeletal distortions, particularly in the pelvic zone, which is the body's centre of gravity. Adding Thai stretches to the basic shiatsu techniques encourages further relaxation or revitalisation of the patient.

Module 4. Sôtaï

Sôtaï is an exercise aimed at recovering postural balance in order to improve physical condition. It is an exercise that allows muscular relaxation by harmonising the patient's breathing and movement. Each exercise requires a movement that the patient will find easy and pleasant to do. The key to the effectiveness of sôtaï is correct breathing and easy movements of the patient. The pleasing sensation from the movement with a slow exhalation is the essence of sôtaï.

Module 5. Oil Shiatsu

Oil shiatsu on the legs, the back and the face is a marvellous method of relaxation and provides release from physical and mental tension. We practise rotary thumb pressure on the back and, thanks to oil, this allows us to analyse precisely the tension of dorsal muscular lines and other muscular contractures which cause the shift of vertebrae and possible deviations of the spine and/or pelvis. If oil shiatsu carried out professionally, it can contribute significantly to corporal regeneration.

Module 6. Micropuncture R

In common with acupuncture, micropuncture is an excellent technique for relaxation of tension in the dorsal muscular lines and in contracted musculature. Although similar in technique to acupuncture, micropuncture does not involve the use of needles, but rather employs a short, metal rod with a pointed tip known as a punctor. The punctor is not a penetrative instrument and can therefore be used confidently and easily without any danger to the patient. For treatment of the abdominal and sacral areas, micropuncture is prefered to shiatsu and for treatment of the back, micropuncture is an excellent complement to shiatsu. In this course, we treat, with a punctor, muscle and joint pains such as back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, lumbogo, sciatica, knee pain, ankle tendinitis...

Module 7. Direct Moxa

Direct moxa is a similar method of treatment to acupuncture. Instead of a needle, we use a small cone of moxa, no bigger than a grain of rice. The technique of direct moxa consists of repeatedly heating acupuncture points with the cones. Direct moxa is preferred to shiatsu or micropuncture for treatment of the abdominal zone. For treatment of the dorsal zone, direct moxa is an excellent complement to shiatsu or micropuncture.

Module 8. Perfecting Techniques

By successfully completing this module, students can obtain the Myo-Energetics certificate. The module's objective is for the students to hone and perfect their techniques in shiatsu, sôtaï and micropuncture, as well as their analysis of postural distortion and dorsal and abdominal palpation.


Anyone can enroll in Module 1 (Myo-Energetic Shiatsu).
Any student completing Module 1 can enrol in any additional module, except Module 7 and Module 8. Module 8 is reserved exclusively for those students who have completed Modules 1-7 and who wish to attain the Myo-Energetics certificate.